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Amazing Features

Check out some amazing features of Full Battery Alarm App

Sound Alert

Choose your favourite ringtone and adjust alert volume.

Vibration Alert

Vibration alert for the time when you don't want any disturbance.

LED Blink Alert

Next generation alert for next generation people.

Full Battery Alarm Mobile App

User Friendly Interface

One touch all accessible interface & action buttons.

Multiple Language Support

Personalised your app further and choose any language.

No Need to Re-Arm App

Sick of re-arming the App again and again?

Full Battery Alarm Mobile App

Full Battery Alarm App

Full Battery Alarm prevents mobile phone battery from being damaged by alerting the user, once the battery is fully charged.

  • Reliable battery protection app
  • Automatic start on reboot
  • Customizable notification settings
  • Easy to use interface

World's No.1 Battery Protection App

Overcharging your mobile phone can damage the phone's battery. In today's busy schedule it is very hard to check the battery status again and again. Full battery alarm is an unique app which notifies the mobile phone user when their mobile phone's battery is fully charged.

Full Battery Alarm has three different type of notification settings. You can select your favorite ringtone or can choose vibration or light blink alert if you are in a meeting. Install the app in your mobile phone and launch the application. No need to re-arm the app again. It will automatically sound an alert once the battery will be fully charged.

Full Battery Alarm App


Know Your App More

Start/Stop Application

One touch Start or Stop button. Once stopped, the application needs to started again to receive full battery notification.

Volume Control

Adjust the volume of the ringtone. We know you don't want it louder all the time.


Custom settings to personalize your app even more. Choose any language, enable or diable task killer notification and etc.


Select any pre-defined ringtone or your favourite song.

Vibrate Mode

Now receive full battery notification without making any noise.

LED Blink

Your fancy LED blink notification is here. Activate the button to receive LED blink alert.


Interactive And User Friendly Interface

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